Questor Surveys Ltd.

Providing Geophysical technologies including magnetics, radiometrics, gravity and LiDAR.

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Questor Surveys traces its roots back over 55 years and is synonymous with leading edge geophysical technologies and unparallel service.

First incorporated in 1961 the Questor name is known for providing worldwide operations and service. The company continues today offering advanced geotechnical and engineering survey applications to the mining, oil and gas, environmental and engineering industries.

Questor Surveys management has over 50 years of business experience in the aviation and geotechnical support industries. Continuing the Questor tradition, the company operates dedicated geophysical aircraft. This allows the company to provide exceptional magnetically clean and low noise aircraft platforms allowing the company to deliver the best possible data sets to our clients.

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Above: A Questor Trislander taxing after completing a survey in 1981 Australia.

Questor Cesna


Questor Surveys Inc. provides geophysical technologies including magnetics, radiometrics, gravity and LiDAR.

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