Services We Offer

Our airborne geophysical technologies include magnetics, radiometrics, gravity and LiDAR.

Our services include data acquisition, managing data quality control in the field, final data processing, report and final map production and data interpretation if required by the client. 

A variety of survey equipment is available at Questor Surveys Ltd. which can be custom configured to optimize your project needs. Experienced professionals are available to assist you when selecting and planning your survey.

Our equipment includes the latest Geophysical Survey Acquisition Systems

  • RMS - DAARC500 DAS
  • Pico Envirotec - IMPAC (DAS)
  • Scintrex CS3 and Geometrics G822A cesium magnetometers installed as single sensor or horizontal or vertical gradiometer configurations
  • Radiation Solutions RSX-5 Gamma Ray Spectrometers
  • CMG GT 2A – Leading Edge Airborne Gravity Meters
  • GSM 19 Base Station Overhauser Magnetometers with on board GPS for post-processing
  • Pico Envirotec Cesium Base Magnetometers with on board GPS for post-processing
  • Hemisphere Single & Dual Frequency GPS Receivers
  • Radar & Laser Altimeters
  • LiDAR - Aerial Mapping System